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We specialise in rotary wing aircraft and quad-rotor aircraft. Manufactured to high specification, for use in the Military, Security, and Law Enforcement environment, as well as for Commercial operation. Designed, developed, and manufactured in conjunction with Aero Technic. Aircraft can also be manufactured to individual organisations' requirement.

Specifications are developed to fit the sub-20/25kg [MTOM] UAS (Small UA) requirements, although we also have a larger rotary wing system with configuration capability for 50-70kg take-off weight.

CYBORG-4RP Fully stabilised autopilot flight system. Fully programmable Autopilot and in-flight Pilot Control. Configurable GCS, with real time downlink, to cater for all types of operational use and mission management.

The regular Payload is a camera system, which offers both EO and IR imaging. Other detection equipment and systems can be configured as 'payload'. Close positioning systems and flight for specialist sensors that require accurate readings can be developed to suit respective applications. Real Time data downlink with encryption where required.

RPAS Aerospace can provide Equipment, Expertise, Training, and Support to meet Your Operational Requirements.

RWUAV Platforms:

Powered predominantly by electric motor, or turbine power for larger and long duration Rotary Wing (Helicopter VTOL).

Developed for Use in various scenarios and operations for Security, Police, and Commercial operations.

Developed with our 'CYBORG 4RP' SAS System - Dynamic Flight Control, and Autopilot with Flight Control System.

2016: We developed our Flight Training packages to meet the release of airframes to Commercial Clients for a range of aerial imaging and security uses. Standard flight training packages for commercial UAV use, with mainly the Quads that we manufactured... with some additions for Night Flight and ELOS at our 200acre flying site in SE England.

Launch of the Discovery COAX-H also in the Spring. This was the electric powered version, and we also decided to work on a development using a Wankel Rotary Motor, still in 20/25kg MTOM category of platform. A long term development programme was envisaged for this in partnership with a leading manufacturer, AIE - Advanced Inovative Engineering.

Training included 'ground school' and 'flight training' with flight evaluation tests to allow operators to achieve the necessary CAA Approvals, and Permissions To Fly for commercial use. Courses for Operators and Clients started in March.

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CYBORG 4RP update: Please see the NEWS menu link for News and Updates...

Launch details and general specifications, as site menu:

Helicopter [RWUAV - VTOL] flight platform with Coaxial Rotor [Discovery Coax-H], electric powered.

Two Quad-Rotor airframes now in production, CONDOR 600 and CONDOR 800. [limited to current clients only]

All airframes have undergone considerable flight test and development, with Coax-H now a production development since March 2016. Final phase of Rotary Motor RWUAV in autumn 2017, and production availability now expected early 2018.


  • DISASTER - Civil Emergency Response
  • SURVEILLANCE - Wide Area Observation for Law Enforcement and Commercial Operations
  • RESCUE ASSIST - Search & Rescue, Observation, Management Support
  • PUBLIC ORDER EVENTS - Data Gathering and Low Risk Surveillance
  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT - Support for Highways Agencies with Traffic Incidents
  • MAINTENANCE SUPPORT - Inspection for Power Line, Pipe Line, Manufacturing Facilities, Surveys
  • OTHER - ISR - Wide Ranging options, for areas where low risk aerial cover or observation is preferable

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